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The ADC Of Lexa

Some of you may not know this, but during the writing process, a television character often remains ill-defined with little backstory to keep the casting and future writing process as flexible as possible. Once a character appears on screen, however, audiences usually identify the character with the actor, even more-so when the actor creates something special with their character. Whichever source you want to quote, somewhere between 70-90% of a character is made up by the actor.

Fans in particular become quite outspoken when a beloved character gets recast, especially when not enough time has passed or the work of the original actor has been cut short. We don’t have to say that this, of course, very much applies to Lexa and Alycia Debnam-Carey, in our humble opinion.

Even The 100 cast members not only still refer to Lexa as the character they’d love to play, but also praise Alycia’s performance, repeatedly stating that nobody else could have done a better job with Lexa than her. You will understand our reluctance verging on total opposition to anyone else playing Lexa anytime soon, or ever.

Fans of the Grounders would want to see other actors reprising their roles, as well. Luckily for us, many of the actors have already expressed a general interest in putting on their post-apocalyptic gear again for a Grounders spinoff: Ricky Whittle (Lincoln), Dichen Lachman (Anya), Zach McGowan (Roan), Aleks Paunovic (Gustus), Rhiannon Fish (Ontari), Tasya Teles (Echo), Cory Grüter-Andrew (Aden), and Brenda Strong (Nia), many of them commenting that they would love more time with these characters.

Nadia Hilker (Luna) was asked about the LEXASPINOFF in particular at a recent convention, saying she would be interested in reprising the ‘old’ Luna, not the killer she was turned into to once again suit the Skaikru storyline. No arguments here.

If you’re thinking, but what about Alycia and Eliza? Well, both remain illusive, for now. We have many quotes from both saying how important Lexa (and Clexa) are to them, and without interpreting Alycia's words, she never said that she wouldn't want to play Lexa again. Remember that those two in particular may still be restricted in what they can and cannot say. As long as they are available and are offered their roles along with a well-written script and all the other nooks and crannies, there is no reason to believe that they wouldn’t be interested, too.


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