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Netflix and Lexa?

When we thought about networks that would be a good fit for a LEXASPINOFF in general and The Grounders specifically, Netflix had been high on the list from the start. Aside from headline-making budget for new original content, a sleuth of awards and a lot more nominations, Netflix offers great flexibility without the restrictions of traditional network TV in terms of content and format, attracting top talent such as Shonda Rhimes and most recently the Obamas.

They also really love their social media buzz, and while we may be somewhat partial, being the one to pick up Lexa's story to give her the treatment she deserves would definitely generate some pretty substantial positive buzz.

Then this happened, remember? Of course it would be really popular, and not just because of Lexa. The world of the Grounders is full of exciting stories that go way beyond the struggles of survival and tales of war and heart-wrenching loss — if done right. Hopefully we can help make this a reality!

Who or what is Netflix Life? It is not Netflix or in any way affiliated. It is a Netflix news and opinions site brought to you by the FanSided Network. It is also the biggest Netflix-dedicated and verified non-Netflix account on Twitter, with its editorial staff writing and tweeting about all things Netflix. So while these guys cannot greenlight the development of a LEXASPINOFF, it’s safe to assume that Netflix itself has an eye on them.

That’s a whole lotta Netflix in one paragraph. Now, there’s one really important question: Would you buy or renew a Netflix subscription to watch a LEXASPINOFF? We absolutely would. What can we do to let them know? Write or call them, tweet them, or use their title request form a little bit like this:

Or you know, do all of the above and get as many people involved as possible. And you can do that on any given day. Simply remember to stay respectful, give them as much context as possible, and not just spam them by posting the hashtag and tagging a bunch of accounts on Twitter without actually talking to them or explaining why you are talking to them.


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