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Creating a video for a television production that still only exists in theory is not easy. So we would like to stress that these fan-made trailers for The Grounders are transformative fanworks. Like the LEXASPINOFF project itself, they are non-profit and non-commercial, advocating the creation of a new television series or movie about Lexa and the Grounders, based on selected characters and story elements of The 100 series. They use video clips to demonstrate what such a story could look like and do not claim ownership of any material used unless directly specified. All rights belong to their respective owners.

Seeing these videos really gets us excited about the possibilities of a LEXASPINOFF, and judging by the well over 110,000 views of our original trailer by EJT alone, we are definitely not the only ones!


The other currently featured video editors are MissLane, AleksRin and Cornelia Olivia:

The Grounders Trailers

The Grounders Trailer [Lexa] #LexaSpinOff
The Grounders Trailer [Lexa] #LexaSpinOff
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The Grounders | Lexa Spinoff
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