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LEXASPINOFF: The Grounders

As mentioned in our first post, this story concept is still by far our favorite and will remain the featured synopsis for this project. Whether produced as a series, limited series or TV movie, The Grounders could be everything that its flawed precursor failed to be and more.

The Grounders would be telling a new story. We are not interested in rehashing The 100's story line. We want to look at this post-apocalyptic world from a fresh perspective and explore all that we have not seen. Who says that post-apocalyptic stories have to be nothing but tragedy and death?

The focus would be on Lexa and the Grounders, on her story and that of her people, told from her perspective. We would see her surviving toxic tropes which are simply bad writing with an even worse message, at least if you value progressive thought and equality. We would see many characters again that were taken from us much too soon, all in the name of making the colonialists from space better than they are.

We would see the origins of the clan society and the line of commanders that culminated with Lexa. We would learn about nightbloods and explore parts of the post-apocalyptic world beyond Polis. We would hopefully get answers to questions such as: What was the goal Lexa was referring to when talking to Titus? How did Grounder society seemingly lose all knowledge of modern medicine? How did Lexa survive the stray bullet and who else might have survived the insurgence of the people from the sky? How did Lincoln know Luna? Why was Roan banished from his own lands?

There are many ways to tell this story but The Grounders has Lexa ushered to safety far away from Polis. Regaining both her strength and memory, she is forced to make a choice: Will she stay in her new home and lead a normal life free from the responsibilities of her previous existence, or will she return to Polis to guide her people in what will undoubtedly be a tumultuous new era?

When we launched our website in May 2017, we knew we had to have a video. The world of the Grounders is very visual. When we first see them through the space delinquents' eyes, they appear terrifying: wearing masks and warpaint, black leather adorned with bones, sporting tribal tattoos and the battle scars of true warriors. Luckily, the fabulous @jiminyrizzles created an amazing fanvideo based on The Grounders story concept. We are excited to see that the video has surpassed 115,000 views. Congratulations and thanks again for sharing your work with us. Let's double those views with the next one!

And if you feel like watching the other trailer contributions for The Grounders thus far, head over to the Creativekru video section. We hope to share more LEXASPINOFF videos with you in the future.


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