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Once introduced to The 100, the Grounders quickly gained fans, first with Anya and Lincoln in Season 1, and then with Commander Lexa and her intriguing backstory that arguably overshadowed the delinquent story line for many in Season 2. Most viewers could not wait for the expected showdown between Heda and the Ice Queen in Season 3, along with the introduction of other clans and a narration how they survived in this post-apocalyptic world.

What Jason Rothenberg delivered was heart-wrenchingly disappointing, if not offending. Not only did he unnecessarily kill off the fan-favorite and extraordinary character Lexa by employing the harmful and in its message inherently homophobic Bury Your Gays trope, but we barely got a glimpse of the Ice Queen and the other clans while the intriguing backstory from Season 2 was sloppily retconned to suit an ill-conceived sci-fi plot -- talk about world wrecking instead of world building. It is no surprise then that fans took to Twitter to ask for a The 100 spinoff featuring Lexa and the Grounders, because there is still so much story waiting to be told, a story that is a lot more compelling and engaging than the colonial message of ignorance and bigotry The 100 has been broadcasting since the beginning. All tweets belong to the respective users. This is what the audience has to say:

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