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We are a group of Lexa fans who believe that Lexa’s story is far from over, and that she deserves a better end than The 100 offered her. We believe that Lexa’s world, the world of the Grounders, has much to offer, both narratively and visually. We came together as the LEXASPINOFF Project Group in an effort to inspire for such a project to become reality. While our group includes entertainment professionals, none of us have any ties or affiliations to the show or Warner Bros Television. We are not looking to sell or make a profit for ourselves. Our intention is to advocate the development of a show centered around Lexa and the Grounders, and to have them done justice.

We envision any LEXASPINOFF production to be relatively independent of the original series, and as such we ask for an executive producer and showrunner other than Jason Rothenberg. We believe that his proven disregard for Lexa and the Grounders makes him a wholly unsuitable candidate.

We hope to see an engaging story that does not shy away from conflict and moral gray areas that explore just how far humanity can be pushed, but we also see an opportunity to challenge cliches and stereotypes, rather than cater to them. We see this post-apocalyptic world as a new beginning, in which hope guides humanity to move forward. As Albus Dumbledore once said, “happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light.


Lexa Survives the Trope

Lexa has been a light of hope for many since she first appeared on The 100 as the leader of the Grounders. Beautifully portrayed by the incredible Alycia Debnam-Carey, this magic duo have tens of thousands of viewers waiting for a LEXASPINOFF. In our featured story concept of The Grounders, we learn that Lexa survived the stray bullet that lead to her supposed death on The 100. A closer look at the narrative and Lexa’s characters reveals enough inconsistencies, intended or not, to allow this tragic turn of events to be resolved as a faked death without requiring little to no rewriting of Lexa’s scenes.

Why is it so important that Lexa survives? A LEXASPINOFF offers the chance to effectively reverse the Bury Your Gays trope that killed Lexa on The 100, and to tell a story in which Lexa’s love is strength, rather than weakness and death. A story in which the inspirational young female leader of a post-apocalyptic world, who also happens to be gay, gets to be the hero that we already know she is, with the same odds at happiness as any heterosexual male lead character would have.


Grounders Never Give Up

How do we hope to achieve all of the above? If you can give us the answer to that question, we will be eternally grateful. Or if you wanted to take on the project yourself and make it a reality, that would be smashing.

Until we find such a person or group of people, who are interested in uncovering a whole new world right here on Earth, in telling a diverse story challenging old norms and deeply-rooted prejudice, in giving us a new heroine who does not need superpowers to inspire not just LGBT viewers, who has already proven to be able to transcend these boundaries and go beyond labels - until we find you, we will continue to flesh out the story of The Grounders and engage with this incredibly resilient fandom in order to spread the word.

We will continue to approach studios, producers, writers, filmmakers and journalists, hoping to inspire some of them to support us and share our project in order to find the one who will help us breathe the life back into Leksa kom Trikru for everyone to see.

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