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"A lot of people are afraid to say what they want. That's why they don't get what they want." This quote by Madonna and every other piece of wisdom proclaiming the same truth quickly became a motivator for the LEXASPINOFF Project. We imagined a future scenario in which 'someone tells you that you could have had a spinoff, could have had Lexa alive, if only you had said you wanted it.' We would be devastated if we missed a chance like that, just because we were too afraid to speak up. So here we are, trying to do our best and we are wondering, will you join us?


Lexa's Impact

There is no question about how exceptional and important of a character Lexa is. A strong female, lesbian leader in a tough post-apocalyptic world looking for peace, who has given everything of herself to her people, including her own happiness. And the moment she allows herself to feel again, to even entertain the possibility of love again, she is taken out by a stray bullet fired by her father-figure, moments after consummating her relationship with her soulmate. The underlying theme is devastating: love is weakness (her weakness) and the lesbian character dies in all the harmful non-glory the Bury Your Gays trope provides. That is not a message we should allow to remain unchallenged.

The more ignorant among the remaining The 100 fans cannot seem to understand how important Lexa has become to so many in such a short time. They refer to her and the show being fictional as reason enough to get over it and move on. Why would we ever move on from such an incredible character though, who has not been given enough screen time, accompanied by a story that is in fact quite unique, with more intriguing characters merely used as plot devices? The fact that they are fictional is actually why their fate on The 100 can be rewritten. With the recent rise in reboots and spinoff, and a television landscape that has never been more diverse and dynamic, it would be foolish to think that a LEXASPINOFF is not possible.

Lexa can live to tell us her story, and the story of her people, the Grounders, who for many fans of the show have surpassed the appeal of the invading Skaikru, who remain the focus of The 100. Nothing could be more exciting than shift the focus on the Grounders and finally learning about the different clans, their culture and history, told from Lexa’s perspective. Her strength, wisdom and compassion will continue to inspire people from around the world as they dive into the world of the Grounders, the one which Jason Rothenberg unnecessarily wrecked.

We are asking you to believe in this project, or rather that a LEXASPINOFF or even a production of The Grounders concept is entirely possible, to rewrite Lexa's fate and to tell the story of the Grounders respectfully and from their perspective. It would not be a retelling of The 100, because that would be pointless. It could be a new, exciting story we have not seen yet, based on elements of The 100, but not on their plot holes.


A New Beginning


Obviously The Grounders is not just about Lexa. There is Anya, Lexa's mentor before season 3 all but forgot about her, who became an early favorite. Lincoln, the gentle soul among warriors, who despite being listed as a main character for two seasons we know so little of. Roan, Prince of the Ice Nation, whose difficult relationship with both his mother and Lexa promises a rich backstory. And Luna, who may have been Heda instead of Lexa had she not run from the war raging inside herself. The list goes on, and these are only some of the characters we have been introduced on The 100, whose time got cut short because they were merely plot devices to serve the Skaikru story line. There is a whole world yet to be discovered and we hope that anyone interested in these characters and this unexplored world will speak up to let the powers that be know about it.

We will try to guide you in requesting a LEXASPINOFF and spreading the word, but we hope that at least some of you will join us in being proactive about going after what you want. Whether you use your voice or have creative or organizational talents or would like to join our little group of rebels, we would love to hear from you.

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