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The purpose of campaigning for a LEXASPINOFF is relatively straightforward. We want to make the studios and network aware of the demand for this story, making ourselves and our wishes heard.

As the LEXASPINOFF Project, we have set a framework, including key requests such as Lexa's survival and that the fandom will not accept an actress other than Alycia Debnam-Carey or Jason Rothenberg as the showrunner. And that is important for them to know, as they might be pondering a different kind of spinoff concept. The Grounders synopsis provides a direction more-so than a definite script to allow for a production and creative teams to be set up accordingly. We are not advocating a fanfiction to be written and produced for us; we want this to be real, to be amazing television, and to be what The 100 perhaps should have been.

This website and our petition serve as communication tools which everyone can use to help making this project happen. We will use them to share our vision and commentary, initiate campaign activities and to showcase what is happening around us.

One of the most important factors is reach, and you can help us with that. Firstly, we hope to reach inactive and casual Lexa fans, as well as fans of all the other Grounder characters which we are keen to see again. Secondly, we would like to speak to supporters of minority representation, because if we cannot make a show about our future give us without labels and discrimination based on social norms, then we are missing the point of storytelling in our humble point of view. Thirdly, we hope to speak to journalists and bloggers to help us spread the word. Last but not least, we would love to talk to you, dear producer, screenwriter, director, agent, manager or actor regarding your future involvement with or participation in a LEXASPINOFF series or movie.

Examples for Our To-Dos


  • Contact media outlets for coverage of our campaign that will reach those beyond the core Clexa fandom and creative positive buzz for The Grounders

  • Distribute contact lists and drafts as examples to use for your own emails and posts

  • Organize outreach to media, networks, writers, showrunners, producers, critics, artists, filmmakers, cast, celebrities, vloggers to share, to support, to consider, to pick up, to produce, to make it reality

  • Updates and interactions via our dedicated social media accounts organizing trends, mails drops, polls, and hopefully more fan art and videos

  • Produce a documentary with testimonials from the Clexa fandom about why a Grounders spinoff with Lexa alive is so important, looking at issues including LGBT representation, portrayal of women and minorities on television in general and the issues with The 100 in particular

  • Join forces with like-minded projects that are already in progress and onboard ‘activists’ to share the excitement and spread upcoming workload


While the LEXASPINOFF Project has taken the lead, we are just a few and  cannot or would not want to do this alone. We need an army worthy of our Heda! We are asking for your support in spreading the word and contacting network and production companies in order to persuade them of this amazing opportunity to continue Lexa’s story and prove to them that The Grounders is a story worth their time and money. We are hoping that Lexa and Grounder fans,  friends and allies will unite and combine their significant talents and resources to make this campaign successful.


What You Can Do to Help


  • Your collective voice and all of your amazing ideas, both creative and strategic

  • Personal connections to any Lexa and Grounder fans, especially those Lexa fans who became inactive after 307/316 Any further contacts (special connections, influential bloggers/vidders and so forth) and insider knowledge helpful for this campaign

  • A liaison to the Sense8 fandom - they have absolutely crushed the glass-ceiling in terms of what fans can achieve and we would love to learn from their success and perhaps even cooperate

  • A little bit of patience - this is not a quick, one-trend shot and the next weeks and months are important as we continue to develop this campaign together

  • Every and any constructive criticism and feedback you have - this is for all of us

We will soon share further information, a contact list and days on which to gather our forces to send out a collective message to selected recipients, via tweeting, emailing, request forms, calling or the good old snail mail, if you prefer. Watch this space (and our Twitter account) for more!

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