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LEXASPINOFF Project Update

Dear LEXASPINOFF supporters, Lexa fans and all those more interested in the story of The Grounders than The 100, welcome to our new blog on our redesigned website. We are in the process of moving to a new platform but couldn't wait any longer, so we got out of the gates a little early — we hope you don’t mind.

Apart from the new look and blog, the most notable change is the emphasis on the LEXASPINOFF reference. We wanted to put more emphasis on Lexa, yes, but also making it clear that The Grounders, while remaining our featured story concept, is one of many ways to tell Lexa’s story. And while we don’t have anything against Pramheda, the first in the line of Commanders, and would most definitely want to see the origins of the Grounders culture in illuminating flashbacks, we are just not all that interested in shifting the main focus to the time just after the apocalypse with yet another person falling from the sky to take over leadership of those who survived on the ground. Been there, done that, and mind you, while that story would qualify as a Grounders spinoff, it would be unlikely to see any Grounders of interest (namely Lexa, Lincoln, Roan, Luna, etc) or really dig into the gritty clan backstory or look at how humanity has evolved under quite perplexing circumstances.

We have certainly learned a thing or two during the last 10 months, most of all that this possibly long process cannot be forced. Lexa knew what she was talking about when she told Clarke that it takes as long as it takes. Rest assured though that we will not give up before justice is done. We haven’t even really started yet.

Clexakru, a special appeal to you: We know that you’re still hurting, as are we. We know that some of you are scared to get your hopes up, and we would never ask you to have false hope. We would like to say, however, that hope can move mountains, and that is what we are trying to do, probably. We know what we are up against, and we manage our expectations accordingly. Please know that a LEXASPINOFF is possible, with Alycia Debnam-Carey as Lexa and with an executive producer other than Jason Rothenberg. And yes, we want to reunite Clexa as much as you, leaving all the doors open for Eliza Taylor to reprise her role as Clarke in Lexa’s world at some point.

Our biggest fear is to one day find out that we could have had Lexa back, had we only done more. So we are going to try our best, today, tomorrow, next year and the one after that, if necessary. We hope that you will join us and support this project, perhaps even contribute some of your considerable talents — and always, always express your love and support for Lexa. For as long as it takes, our devotion to our Heda is what keeps her alive.


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