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Coinciding with #PrideMonth, we hope you will join us on Thursday, June 21, for our second LEXASPINOFF Support Day. We have seen a lot of talk on Twitter about requesting a #LexaSpinoff (series/mini/limited/movie) and raising awareness with not just Netflix but other streaming providers.

The goal is to constructively challenge Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu to be trailblazers for diversity, good representation, and stories that matter. You can tweet all day or the following day. If Twitter is not your thing, feel free to use other social networks, like Instagram or Facebook, and leave a message on their official profiles.

Tell them what a LEXASPINOFF would mean to you or why you think it would be important for other viewers, too. Explain to them why these characters are so unique or why this world so intriguing. Why do you think they would benefit from working with Warner Bros. Television on making this concept become a reality?

You can also go to Netflix and request The Grounders using their form. If you would like to add additional content, you may use the website and our petition. You can link directly to our amazing trailers on YouTube or share your own thoughts via Tumblr. If you use someone else’s creative work, please always try to credit them. GIF away!

It’s important to offer them context and give them reasons why Lexa is like no other character. We can’t be what we can’t see. We think that is an important message, not just during #PrideMonth but every single day. All we ask is that you keep your messages positive and respectful. Please don’t spam the targeted accounts. There’s a lot of amazing and important things to say about The Grounders and a LEXASPINOFF, but we need to speak up if we want to be heard.

#LexaSpinoff remains our main hashtag, but feel free to combine it with #LexaLives #LexaMovie #TheGrounders #GrounderSpinoff or other relevant tags to add to your messages, keeping the total number of tags appropriate to the social platform. On Twitter, we suggest using the following handles without abusing them:

@netflix @NetflixFilm @NetflixUK @reedhastings @AmazonStudios @PrimeVideo @JeffBezos @hulu @alloyent @warnerbrostv @WarnerBrosEnt

As a final note, please try to be patient and not expect immediate answers. The development of new content can take several months or several years. The good news is that there is a lot of movement in the industry and more room than ever for new ideas.

Streaming Benefits

Where the traditional networks tend to be less flexible, premium cable and even more so streaming services can take more risks when it comes to content and format choices, both which would greatly benefit a LEXASPINOFF in our opinion.

Netflix alone is spending billions on original content this year, successfully considering that it is perceived to have the “best original programming” by 39% of U.S. consumers, according to Variety. Following the announcement of her deal last year, Shonda Rhimes told Yahoo Finance that she is excited about the lack of the oftentimes constraining structure of network television. “The brand of Netflix is just creativity.”

An interesting detail for a LEXASPINOFF is Netflix’s relationship with Warner Bros. Television. As THR details, Lucifer is not the first WBTV show the streaming giant picked up. The two companies are also partnering on Sabrina, a Riverdale spinoff.

With all due respect, Mr Hastings, there has to be some room for the story of an iconic post-apocalyptic female LGBT character, a visionary leader of warrior clans and a world largely left unexplored? We are talking about Lexa, of course, who already inspired a new generation of diverse writers and filmmakers, played captivatingly by a very talented young actress ready for top-billing. Let’s talk about it!

Amazon Studios has been cleaning house and is looking to expand its portfolio of original genre drama series, empower women, and celebrate diversity. Jennifer Salke, who oversees all television and film production for Amazon, also tells Bloomberg that CEO Jeff Bezos “wants shows people care about.” We think Mr Bezos deserves to know how much we care about a LEXASPINOFF and its potential. Money is not an issue for a company that paid $250 million for the rights to Lord of the Rings.

When it comes to headline-grabbing original content plans, Hulu has been more selective compared to Amazon and Netflix. “I think it's how you spend that is really important,” said Hulu’s CEO Randy Freer on CNBC. "It's important to us to make big, impactful shows that delight our customers, that are relevant and entertaining, and have cultural conversations going.” Considering Hulu had a deal with The 100 during its infamous Season 3, they should already know about Lexa’s impact and the resulting cultural conversations. We hope they take their motto All Stories Matter to heart and take a closer look at the LEXASPINOFF concept in their effort to provide groundbreaking content.


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