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Originally published in March 2017, edited in August 2017 to keep the concept largely canon-compliant as just one example of how Lexa's story might continue.

We are introduced to unfamiliar surroundings. We see small palm trees swaying in the wind, the sun is shining, and we hear children laughing. Make no mistake, we are in the same post-apocalyptic world in which the colonists from the sky caused the clan structure around Polis to crumble. But Polis is far away from here and another nuclear fallout of lesser concern. The people we see belong to a village far removed from Heda’s coalition - this was her father’s village, and the place she has been brought back to once she was well enough to make the journey.

The Commander Lives


You see, Lexa did not die at all. She was severely wounded, her body and mind traumatized, but she did not die. Her Flamekeeper had to make a split-second decision: leave his weakened Heda at the mercy of the quarreling clans, or fake her death to bring her to safety in order to preserve any chance of achieving the goal they had been working for all this time. He took a chance and got her safely out of the tower.


A healer and former member of the Elders looked after her in a secret location near Polis, before taking her out of Coalition lands and aiding her recovery. The forceful extraction of the Flame from its rightful carrier caused a partial loss of memory and identity. While remembering her name and what little childhood she has had, Lexa would not be able to recall her ascension and other important parts of her life for some time - including a certain sky girl she fell in love with not very long ago.

When we meet Lexa again for the first time, she is returning from a hunting trip with a couple of villagers, bow in hand, an easy smile on her lips as the children come to run ahead of her. A good meal would be had this evening, and she may finally hear official news of Polis. The rumors that continue to reach these shores are fragmented, painting a chaotic picture of a world Lexa hardly recognized now.

Her memories have yet to fully return, leaving her too vulnerable to think about returning. She is no longer the rightful Commander, and she has come to care for her father’s people who took her in and cared for her when she was convinced that her fight was over. Even though their Nightblood gene keeps them safe from the increased radiation, Praimfaya had reached far to leave its mark. She had sworn to help rebuilding and focused on regaining her full strength, but she cannot help her mind wandering.

After her presumed death, the newly ascended Heda and what remained of the Elders would have seen to the Coalition clans, despite the rumors she has been hearing. There were plenty of hidden bunkers around Polis and beyond, which would have allowed many to survive the worst. No doubt Skaikru also had found a way to survive, if the events at Mount Weather were anything to go by. Ironically, those were some of the first memories to return, though nothing after so far. Maybe someday, she would have the chance to see Clarke again and explain her decision to leave.

The Story of Lexa and Her People

How does Lexa cope with civilian life and how will she react when she eventually learns the truth about what happened to her people? Her inevitable journey back to Polis introduces us to changed terrains and climates, and different clan lands revealing a world previously hidden. We learn about the history of the clans and their survival as Lexa meets new and old friends and foes. As she regains her memories, we get answers to long asked questions: How did little Lexa come to be mentored by Anya? What really happened during the Conclave with Luna? Who was Costia and how much did she mean to Lexa? What is Azgeda's story and how much did Lexa have to sacrifice to form the Coalition? And what will she find when she returns to Trikru land?

This is a story of Earth’s future and Lexa’s survival.

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