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Do you miss Lexa? Do you want her back? Do you want Clexa to get a chance at a happy ending? Do you want the Grounders to get their real story told and not be plot devices for Skaikru? Do you want to see a future in which we might get it right and not destroy our planet all over again?


Do you want to #UnburyYourGays and send a positive message to the industry and the world? Do you want to help create a project that aims to be inclusive and for positive representation? Do you have any feedback or ideas? Are you a screenwriter and interested to partner up? Do you know how to run a campaign? Are you an administrative legend?


The LEXASPINOFF Project is whatever we make it. Please fill out the embedded form  below and share the form with your mutual and real life friends, especially if they might be interested in getting involved. If you are experiencing issues loading the form or if you are on mobile, please use this direct link and continue to Google Forms for the original document.

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