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Death Is Not The End For Lexa

Imagine Lexa, the Commander of the 12 clans, experienced warrior on the battlefield and savvy political strategist, walking into a room in her own home in Polis, the capital, from which gunshots and commotion would have been heard, without the presence of her constant guards, without any defensive protection whatsoever, only to be caught be a stray bullet meant for another.

Imagine Clarke, ambassador and part-time leader of Skaikru, experienced healer with an impressive track record of saving people from certain death, forgetting all her medical training and pressing nothing more than a wet cloth against the gunshot wound to stem the bleeding, insisting that the love of her life is not going to die despite making no efforts to actually save her from such a horrible fate, not even bothering to call for help with loyal household staff just around the corner and no convincing objections to seeing Titus cut into Lexa's neck to remove the Flame, a chip containing an AI and the previous commanders' spirits.

Imagine Titus, official Flamekeeper and Lexa's trusted adviser and mentor, guilty of firing the gun aimed at Clarke and shooting the one he is sworn to protect instead, quite literally standing by as his Heda slowly bleeds out, also making no attempt to call for help or shake Clarke out of her stupor, waiting for the moment when he can remove the Flame from Lexa's neck with utmost care for the precious chip, only to then rush her out without any further explanation, locking Clarke inside the room and proclaiming to everyone suddenly in earshot that the Commander is dead.

Imagine Titus not suffering any apparent consequences for killing the Commander because he is the only Fleimkepa, and later passing the Flame, which now also contains Lexa’s spirit, and his sacred role on to Clarke (who is not much of a keeper when she later trades the Flame in a political deal) with a ritual containing a ‘magic’ spark, when we learn much later that there appears to be a whole league of deeply devout scouts dedicated to the Flame, who are suitable to carry out a Flamekeeper’s duties.

Imagine Clarke not wanting to spend a final moment with Lexa’s body, which is wrapped head to toe in a shroud, denying herself and the viewers a last view of Lexa’s peaceful face.

Imagine Ontari, the usurper and first fake Commander, not making the funeral of the former Commander a public display of strength to prop up her status, when we have seen everyone being given a final farewell on the funeral pyre, except for the former Commander, the most important figure in Grounder society.

Silly, right? Now imagine Titus not quite being as much of a clueless idiot as they made him out to be and actually caring about Lexa, the girl, enough to think on this feet and faking her death by up-selling her falling unconscious in order to get her out of Polis and giving her a chance at survival amidst the political upheaval...


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