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  • Who is behind the LEXASPINOFF Project?
    We are a group of Lexa fans who believe that Lexa’s story is far from over, and that she deserves a better end than The 100 offered her. We choose to remain anonymous to avoid harassment on social media. While our team includes entertainment professionals, none of us are screenwriters or producers, nor do we have any ties or affiliations to the show or Warner Bros Television. As we are doing this in our free time, members may fluctuate and we encourage anyone who believes that Lexa and the Grounders deserve their own vehicle to get in touch. More in our ABOUT section.
  • What is the goal of the LEXASPINOFF Project?
    Our long-term goal is to have a LEXASPINOFF series or movie made for television realized, with Alycia Debnam-Carey reprising the role of Lexa, but without the direct involvement of The 100 creator Jason Rothenberg. We advocate a story that will respect and honor its lead character, showing Lexa survived the stray bullet which struck her down in The 100, and focus on the world of the Grounders and Earth's survival. We have no intention at this point to fund, develop, or produce a LEXASPINOFF, certainly not on our own. Our short-term goals therefore include engaging the fandom and creating awareness by contacting writers and producers, as well as media, to gain traction for the development of a LEXASPINOFF. At the same time, we are working on content outlines and treatments, and eventually a pilot script to pitch agencies, studios, and networks.
  • Would a LEXASPINOFF be a prequel to The 100?
    No, a LEXASPINOFF, as we imagine it, would not be a The 100 prequel, nor would it be a spinoff in the most common sense. Much like The CW's The 100 is based on Kass Morgan's young adult novel, amending its premise and expanding on it, taking some character but not others while adding new characters, a LEXASPINOFF would similarly only be based on The 100. Whether realized as a series or movie made for television, we advocate for it to tell an alternate story to The 100, with the Grounders as our heroes.
  • Does Jason Rothenberg own the rights to Lexa?
    We cannot, with certainty, comment on intellectual property rights as we do not know the details of any deals and contracts involved. Generally speaking, The 100 and all related characters and elements belong to Warner Brothers Entertainment, to which Warner Brothers Television and Alloy Entertainment are subsidiaries.
  • Would The CW be involved?
    Giving their track record, we do not believe that The CW as it stands would be a good fit for a LEXASPINOFF. We will therefore not approach them ourselves, and would recommend for anyone supporting a LEXASPINOFF to exclude them from their lists. Having said that, you may encounter any issues prevalent at The CW at other networks, too. If they were interested in a LEXASPINOFF under a different management, for example, and their vision matches ours, then old grudges should not stand in the way of getting Lexa and the Grounders the story they deserve.
  • Would Alycia Debnam-Carey want to reprise the role of Lexa?
    Only Alycia Debnam-Carey, perhaps her team, family, and personal friends, could answer that question at any given time. There is no apparent reason for her not to want to reprise the role of Lexa, given her fondness for the character. As with any other project, the format, a good script, production value, scheduling, fellow cast and crew may all factor into such a decision. Having Alycia back to play Lexa is a key requirement for us, thus we aim for a maximum of flexibility, seeing that there are many ways to develop a LEXASPINOFF, but only one logical choice for Lexa.
  • Would playing Lexa again be a step back for Alycia?
    A common concern we have seen expressed by fans of Alycia Debnam-Carey is that reprising Lexa would equal a step back in her development as an actor. Repeating a previous sentiment, we cannot and do not wish to speak for Alycia. From an actor's perspective, however, you may grow with any role (or script or production) that allows you to grow. A script that mimics a previous role, for example, may therefore not be in your best interest. Given that Alycia has barely had 16 episodes with Lexa as a side character on The 100, a LEXASPINOFF, as we imagine it, would provide her with the full depth and scope of Lexa in a leading role.
  • Would playing Lexa again lead to Alycia being typecast?
    Typecasting itself is a basic principle of the casting process. Character X is a sombre, tall male, 22-28 years old, Mediterranean in appearance. As an actor, being cast in any successful show or movie holds a risk of then being typecast based on that role as a limiting factor, depending on circumstances. Chances are generally much higher in a global franchise such as The Hunger Games or Tomb Raider. It further depends on how your team manages this potential issue. Jennifer Lawrence, for example, avoided being typecasted mainly because of her diverse filmography and her versatility as an actor. At SDCC 2016, Alycia expressed her desire to play an iconic role like Lara Croft, so being typecasted does not seem to be a major concern to her. The saturation of today’s media landscape has also greatly reduced potentially negative effects of being typecasted.
  • How would Alycia be able to be a lead in two shows?
    Firstly, we would like to point out that our team does not intend to interfere with any ongoing projects. Secondly, we cannot know how long Alycia will be in Fear The Walking Dead. The development of any project, including a LEXASPINOFF, cannot be done overnight. A LEXASPINOFF production schedule might further hinge on The 100 and availability of other talent. Then it all depends on contracts, networks, and format. A serial, for example, would most likely require Alycia's availability in ways that would not be possible while she is a regular on another serial. A limited or anthology format would heavily depend on the networks involved, while a movie or a series of movies made for television could be done in between seasons or other projects. There are a lot of moving parts at play and we are considering each and every one of them as best as possible.
  • What if the future producers would want to recast Lexa?
    As far we as the LEXASPINOFF Project is concerned, Alycia is Lexa and Lexa is Alycia. It is therefore one of our main requests at any future writer or producer of a LEXASPINOFF or Grounders spinoff to have Lexa played by none other than Alycia Debnam-Carey. We hope that anyone who might be interested in developing a spinoff would already know that, but we strongly recommend to letting them know anyway. You never know what other ideas might already be floating around the studios...
  • Would other Grounders characters and actors be included?
    That will depend on the production and the actors. We hope to see all of them again, of course. Most of the actors, including Dichen Lachman (Anya), Rhiannon Fish (Ontari), Tasya Teles (Echo), Nadia Hilker, (Luna), and Aleks Paunovic (Gustus), have expressed their interest in the idea of a spinoff about the Grounders, or specifically a LEXASPINOFF, via social media or at conventions. We would love to see them reprise their roles, which is another reason why our story concept aims to provide a maximum amount of flexibility for a LEXASPINOFF.
  • How can I become a part of the LEXASPINOFF Project?
    We would love to hear from you if you have any relevant or transferrable skills that we might need, wether that is screenwriting or project management or you excel at making lists. We can always use more passionate and talented people for our team. We would also like to hear from you if you are interested to contribute artwork or videos based on The Grounders synopsis. Perhaps you have a different story concept you would like to share. The two prerequisites are a focus on Lexa and the Grounders, and Lexa's survival or retcon of her death.
  • How can I help with the LEXASPINOFF campaign?
    Part of the LEXASPINOFF Project is a campaign involving the Lexa and Clexa fandom, and any fans of the Grounders, no matter their clan loyalties, to spread the word, to keep up the positive buzz and contact networks and production companies. Please sign the petition and share it among your friends across other platforms. We will always try to provide information about campaign activities as and when they become available, but we really do need your help with this. Please get in touch with us using the contact form or via our Twitter account.
  • What is The Grounders?
    The Grounders is one possible story concept for a LEXASPINOFF, an example, if you will, that we believe would best fit a limited series or movie made for television. The idea is to tell the story from Lexa’s perspective in the present, confirming her survival and effectively reversing the Bury Your Gays trope. The main plot line will be interspersed with flashbacks looking into different chapters of the Grounders' history and Lexa’s personal story. We hope to learn about how the clans formed, the stories behind their different customs, and the previous Commanders. And we really cannot wait to see Lexa picking up her first sword, Anya and Indra in a starring contest, the Conclave and Luna's backstory, how Lincoln and Costia fit into that story, Lexa's Ascension and the conflict with Azgeda, or who else shared Lexa's love for candles. More in our THE GROUNDERS section.
  • Are you going to publish The Grounders in full?
    No, not at this point. We wish to avoid going into too much detail in order to give the future writers and producers a chance to adopt our idea and make it their own. We also want to leave as much flexibility as possible with regards to production and talent availability.
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