June 8, 2017

What really happened with Luna during Lexa's conclave? In this one-shot, Titus remembers the events that would lead to Lexa's ascension - with a twist.

“What happened to number eight?” Clarke asked Titus. He sighed, averting his eyes. “There’s another Natblida, isn’t th...

June 4, 2017

News of another conclave reach Lexa and trigger a wave of memories, starting with the moments just before being named Heda, when Luna decided to run.

"There has been a conclave, in Polis," Cara murmured, shocked, entering Lexa's room. "A conclave? What for?" Lexa asked,...

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The LEXASPINOFF Project advocates the creation of a new story about Lexa and the Grounders, based on selected characters and story elements of The 100, and uses clips and transformative fanwork to demonstrate what such a story could look like. It is non-profit and non-commercial and does not claim ownership of any material used unless directly specified.

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