June 3, 2017

How did Lexa come by her signature war paint? A light-hearted flashback to our Heda-to-be spending some quality time with Costia.

"Leksa, stand ste," Costia ordered, braiding Lexa's hair into a plait. It made Lexa laugh."Sha, Heda. Ai will obey every wish gon yun."


May 11, 2017

Lexa reminisces about simpler times, recalling lessons learned and maybe finding new purpose for herself in this world.

“We should be arriving shortly, Heda-”

“I am no longer your Heda.” Lexa’s voice was calm, smooth. She didn’t even flinch upon speaking, it just came...

May 11, 2017

What's a former Heda to do when she has lost her memories? Be patient and do all that's necessary to grow back her strength and reclaim her life.

“Father, you sent for me?”

“Come here, daughter.”

Seven year old Alexandria came and stood before her father, Niklas. He was o...

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