June 8, 2017

What really happened with Luna during Lexa's conclave? In this one-shot, Titus remembers the events that would lead to Lexa's ascension - with a twist.

“What happened to number eight?” Clarke asked Titus. He sighed, averting his eyes. “There’s another Natblida, isn’t th...

June 4, 2017

News of another conclave reach Lexa and trigger a wave of memories, starting with the moments just before being named Heda, when Luna decided to run.

"There has been a conclave, in Polis," Cara murmured, shocked, entering Lexa's room. "A conclave? What for?" Lexa asked,...

May 11, 2017

Lexa reminisces about simpler times, recalling lessons learned and maybe finding new purpose for herself in this world.

“We should be arriving shortly, Heda-”

“I am no longer your Heda.” Lexa’s voice was calm, smooth. She didn’t even flinch upon speaking, it just came...

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The LEXASPINOFF Project advocates the creation of a new story about Lexa and the Grounders, based on selected characters and story elements of The 100, and uses clips and transformative fanwork to demonstrate what such a story could look like. It is non-profit and non-commercial and does not claim ownership of any material used unless directly specified.

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